Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Today I had to wake, leave the house early and was not able to do my normal morning routine.  I did what I could in the limited time available at the hotel and figured I would do the rest at the airport while waiting for my flight.  My normal routine consists of 4 areas Fitness, Faith, Family, and Finance. 

  • Fitness: Light exercise or stretching and a Green Smoothie
  • Faith: Meditation and Journaling
  • Family: Dedication to Family (Wife-Children)
  • Finance: Study Marketing and Declare what was learned

As I sat at the airport Journaling, I was asked what I was doing.  I thought to myself perfect time to spread one of the greatest things you can do when it comes to becoming successful.  You might be asking why a morning routine is so important.  Well, imagine you head to the gym for a workout, you get there, and just look at all the equipment and wonder where I should start.  So, you head over to the bench-press lay down and knock out a set.  Good job, but you’re not feeling it. You think maybe I’ll do arms; you grab a couple dumbbells and start curling, then you move on to legs.  I think you get the point. With out a plan you wonder, of course you’re working and putting in the time, but it isn’t maximized.

That is what a good morning routine does, it prepares you for the day.  It takes you from wandering through the day just reacting to events to a place where you’re prepared, focused and capable of controlling unscheduled events. 

The 4 areas involved in my morning routine help to make me a multi-dimensional man.  We all know a successful businessperson who is overweight, doesn’t know his/her family and, has no sense of spirituality.  Then there is the person who has a great family life but can’t save or make money and has no sense of fitness.  I could go on and on giving examples the 1 or 2-dimensional person. No one wants to be that person, but most don’t do or know what it takes to become a multi-dimensional leader.

What is your morning routine?  Do you have one?  Do you want one?  Try this one.

Wake one hour early.

  • Start with Fitness:
    • (10 Min) Get moving, exercise or stretch
    • (05 Min) Fuel your body, a green smoothie provides valuable nutrients
  • Next is Faith:
    • (10 Min) Meditate, this is a valuable tool to gain clarity and direction
    • (05 Min) Journal, write down your thoughts, plan your day
  • Then Family:
    • (15 Min) Notes to your spouse and children about Love, Honor, and Devotion
  • Finally, Finance:
    • (10 Min) Learn something new
    • (05 Min) Declare your learning to friends, family, or co-workers

Let me know what your morning routine is or try mine and let me know what you think.