Gangster SHIT

Gangster Shit

Everyone wants to be a Gangster until its time to do Gangster shit!!  I was talking to a friend and while we were watching a movie when he said, “we should do that”.  I was caught off guard and said, “what move to LA and become actors”?  He just laughed and said no, we should enter the Crossfit Games.  I looked at him with confusion and what might have appeared as concern.  The only thing I could think of saying was “Everyone wants to be a gangster until it’s time to do gangster shit” I’ve been a Crossfit Instructor and have seen what it takes to perform at those levels. Neither of us have the time nor dedication to achieve those levels of fitness.Gangster Shit

Ask yourself Is there any place in your life you want to be a gangster but don’t what to do what it takes to become one.  As an Instructor what are you doing to better yourself?

Are you creating a team/ group/ community willing to help you gain success?

You see, everything you do has a cost; time, energy, pain, or financial.  What are you willing to do to gain more time with your family, gain wealth or even status?  Are you willing to do gangster shit?

Take the time, sit down and ask yourself what you want and if you’re willing to do what it takes.

One of the best things you can do is surround yourself with good people.  We’ve all heard “If you keep hanging out with them, you’re going to end up just like them”.  That’s what we have been raised to do subtract from diet, keep away from bad people or don’t spend money.  When instead I think we should add positive things, bring good friends into your life, add nutrients to your diet and invest money when necessary. 

Adding good positive influences to your “friends list” is a great way to stay motivated, gain insight, and become a better person yourself.  Become better in all aspects of life just by associating with good people you can become a better parent, spouse, brother/sister, co-worker or, leader.  All aspects of life are affected by those we associate with.  Now go out make new friends and DON’T neglect your current ones.

Instead of going on a diet or following some crazy fad where you’re removing what you love to eat, add something nutritious in every meal.  Pretty soon you’ll be focusing on eating healthy instead of feeling like you’re missing out.  I’m willing to bet you start working out too!  See we just added something else.

How much money do you invest in YOU?  We often fail to invest in ourselves, we think everything must be some major investment.  We should all make small investments in ourselves, buy a book (and read it), go to a class/ training course, or join a community of likeminded individuals. 

Now go out and INVEST IN YOU!

3-2-1 GO