Situational Awareness


Earlier today I was talking to a friend about his business, he was explaining to me how successful he had become lately and telling me how things had really turned around for him.  After talking for about an hour I realized he was full of shit.  Does that surprise you that someone would lie about success?  I wasn’t surprised, more disappointed I had more respect for my friend.  You see he believes the stories he tells and that if unchanged will eventually ruin his business, family, health, and everything about him. 

What’s the one thing that he can change today that will start him on a road to success?

 I’m glad you asked, “STOP F’n Lying”!  You see lying becomes a vicious circle the more you lie the more you must remember, create more lies, to tell more stories. Lies

Stories are how we make ourselves look and feel better, not many people tell stories that make them look bad and feel like shit.  How about we just tell truthful stories they’re not good or bad just FACTS. 

If you want to be successful start with an honest assessment of where you are and where you want to go.  If you’re going to lie about your business’s financial problems, you’ll probably lie about what got you there too.  Things won’t change for the better, they will continue to get worse, so you stop spending time with family or going to the gym.  You need to spend all your time on your business, you know the one that is doing great but going bankrupt.

People lie about stuff that really doesn’t matter.  We all know that person, the one, “I work out 4-5 days a week, not sure why my body isn’t responding like yours”.  “you must have good genes”.  No, I have a gym membership that I actually use.  Over time that person will develop illnesses that could require daily medications. But instead of saying “shit, I need to start hitting the gym more” you’ll probably hear something like “man getting old sucks” or “can’t fight genetics”.


The truth isn’t good or bad, right or wrong, its merely “FACTS.” If you want to be successful STOP f’ing lying and live your life based on FACTS.