About us and what we are about

Our Story

Reason for Being

CT3 was borne out of necessity, not some quick get rich idea!  I started out as an instructor working at becoming the best instructors I could be.  A few years later I noticed I was going to courses and becoming better while losing customers to instructors who had only been to single instructor course or even worse no course at all.  These instructors would charge less and unknowing the customer PROVIDE LESS.  A year later, while running my own successful firearms and safety company instructors began to approach me, asking me HOW!  How did I become successful, in a world of REALLY BAD instructors (and I do mean REALLY BAD Instructors) teaching unrealistic and unsafe courses?

That’s when I made the change!  I went from trying to teach (although I LOVE TEACHING) to creating.  It started with one Mission and concept, to “give good instructors a way to expand” and to do it by “providing a place for instructors to learn and grow”. 

Our how and why

CT3 is a place where an instructor can create a positive image for himself/herself and grow their business.  It’s a place where guests can locate, communicate and choose the best instructors for their needs.  To become the best, we associate with the best.  CT3’s social network allows instructors to create a brotherhood of those willing to help one another succeed!

We’ve all been there before, struggling, trying to figure out the next step in our journey.  Lucky for me I was part of a group; a group of businessmen who were there to help one another.  I was given guidance, leadership, and motivation to succeed. Hell, this website wouldn’t be here is it wasn’t for two of them

"As a group we all achieve more; our dreams of success and the lives we all deserve are just a click away!"