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Imagine you could double-or even triple-your income with virtually no effort.

Business Leadership Class

Think of how much more money you'd have to spend on “The Good Life”.

Perhaps you'd finally go on that vacation you've been dreaming of, spend needed time with your family, or even move into a bigger house.

There’s only one problem;

Getting more valuable clients
After all, don’t you need to hire additional staff to do that?
Well, sure, if you have money to burn.
Typically, it could cost you thousands to hire staff, not to mention dealing with issues from pay to insurance.
That kinda cuts into your dream vacation money, right?

Fortunately, there’s an easier way.

With CT3’s collaborative business website, you can Create professional business groups with the purpose of supporting one another.

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With our social media infused collaborative business model, you’ll get:

•    A way to say YES to clients when asked about something outside your scope of expertise
•    Upload/Download files to your private cloud storage
•    Conduct Zoom© meetings within your private groups and save copies for later use
•    Collaborate on documents with friends in real time
•    Make money by simply referring one of the businesses in your group
•    Continue to add or create new groups for new business opportunities

Letter from the Founder;

We have all heard it before: “Nobody will help you grow your business.” “It just takes work and time,” “You’ll take care of your business if you build it.” While some of these quotes may be true, there is another way!

CT3 has built our business using a model that has been around for the longest time, collaboration. Think about it, think about other types of business that have a business model where they don’t know every skillset they offer.  Together we all achieve more!  

Look at the construction industry, and specifically the General Contractor. What do they know about ALL the construction areas they offer? They know the minimum but not everything. They hire Sub-Contractors who are the experts in their field. Sub-contractors allow the General contractor to offer services they only have general knowledge about. CT3 is designed to make you the “General Contractor!”

At CT3 you create your business network and start offering skillsets you have general knowledge on!

 George Rhea

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