Building Instructor Businesses through Leadership Development and Collaboration

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My passion and focus is Leadership development

Lets face it running an instructional business is hard.  Just getting your name out there can be daunting. 

Finally, you get the clients and start your training. Then someone asks you if you can teach something outside your expertise.  What do you do?

Everything Business

The have it all life

Life doesn’t have to be one dimensional; a good leader can have it all.  You can be physically fit and attractive to others! You can have a relationship with God! You can have a quality relationship with your spouse and children! You can have enough money to change your life, the lives of your children, and their children!

Instructor Development

Part of being a good instructor is being a good student.  The connections and groups you make on ct3 will help you get the recurrent training necessary to grow in all aspects of life.

Peer Accountability

Remember the day when you had to answer to someone? Imagine creating a group with other business professionals who are growing or have grown their business that will hold you accountable for the shit you say.  Imagine the amount of work you will get done!

Social Media with a purpose

Our purpose is to get instructors together, provide guidance, education, purpose and power.  This is done through our built in social media platform.  This is social media without drama and worry over political gain or loss.

Online Training

Join one of our online courses or community challenges.


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Message from the Founder

We have all heard it before, “No-one will help you grow your business” “It just takes work and time” “You’ll take care of your business if you build it” While some of those quotes may be true, But there is another way

CT3 has built our business using a model that has been around for the longest time. Together we all achieve more! Think about it, think about other types of business that have a business model where they don’t know every skillset they offer.

Okay, I’ll help you out. lets talk about the construction industry, and specifically the General Contractor. What do they know about ALL the construction areas they offer? They have to know something in order to make sure things are up to code, but not everything. They hire Sub-Contractors who are the experts in their field.

Sub-contractors allow the General contractor to offer services they only have general knowledge about. CT3 is designed to make you the “General Contractor”

Its simple at CT3 you create your business network and start offering skillsets you have general knowledge on.

Keep reading below to learn more.


George Rhea
Founder of CT3.US

Have it all lifestyke

We believe in constant expansion, in all aspects of life!





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